• Custom Databases

    reflecting the individual needs and processes of each school


    bridging data systems and applications into one solution

  • TAILORED Websites

    creating clear web-based interfaces for your data


    using the best, new technology


    providing comprehensive and immediate customer help

Building databases, web applications and data bridges
tailored to the needs of individual schools and organizations


What We Build

Custom Databases

We design and build Filemaker database systems — both large and small — to meet specific client needs. Our solutions are compatible with standard and popular desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Custom Websites

We work with you on design. Then we build attractive and efficient websites which interact with your Filemaker databases.

Connecting Data Systems

We use Filemaker Server's REST API to build data bridges and synchronization tools to help keep your data clean and consistent across systems.

Cloud Computing

We develop your data systems using cloud computing for system stability and device-independent interface. This construction makes your systems readily accessible to all your staff members.

Converting to New Systems

We migrate data from outdated and constrained databases. We spend time upfront working with you to understand your unique data situation, and we solicit your feedback throughout.

Online Payment Processing

We build online payment processing tools leveraging Authorize.net and PayPal services.

How We Build Them


Filemaker Pro, MySQL

Amazon Web Services

EC2 Hosting, SES Mail, S3 Storage, CloudFront, Glacier

Web Technologies

HTML, CSS, PHP, JQuery, Bootstrap, Ajax, JSON

Mobile-Ready Web Applications

Filemaker Go, Filemaker WebDirect, Bootstrap

Web Services


"CORESYSTEMS KNOWS SCHOOLS AND THEIR NEEDS. They understand us, from Admissions through grades and comments. I can't imagine working with anyone else."
Doug Fodeman, Director of Technology, Brookwood School


Independent Schools

  • Bancroft School, Worcester, MA
  • Bay School of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
  • Branson School, Bayside, CA
  • Brunswick School, Greenwich, CT
  • Choate Rosemary Hall, Wallingford, CT
  • Cushing Academy, Ashburnham, MA
  • Dana Hall School, Wellesley, MA
  • Forman School, Litchfield, CT
  • French American International School, San Francisco, CA
  • Greenwich Academy, Greenwich, CT
  • Greenwich Country Day School, Greenwich, CT
  • Horizons at GFA, Greenwich, CT
  • Kent School, Kent, CT
  • Kingswood-Oxford School, West Hartford, CT
  • Lawrence Academy, Groton, MA
  • Loomis-Chaffee School, Windsor, CT
  • Miss Porter's School, Farmington, CT
  • Oxbow School, Napa, CA
  • Oxford Academy, Westbrook, CT
  • Pingree School, South Hamilton, MA
  • Proctor Academy, Andover, NH
  • San Francisco Day School, San Francisco, CA
  • St. Paul's School, Concord, NH
  • Suffield Academy, Suffield, CT
  • The Taft School, Watertown, CT
  • Watkinson School, West Hartford, CT
  • Westminster School, Simsbury, CT
  • Winsor School, Boston, MA
  • Winston Prep, New York / Connecticut

PK-12 Independent Schools

  • Avenues — The World School, New York, NY
  • Casady School, Oklahoma City, OK
  • Columbia Grammar and Prep School, New York, NY
  • French-American International School, S.F., CA
  • Oxbow School, Napa, CA
  • Park School, Brookline, MA

Elementary and Middle Schools

  • Brooklyn Heights Montessori School, Brooklyn, NY
  • Brookwood School, Manchester, MA
  • The Carroll School, Lincoln, MA
  • Cambridge Friends School, Cambridge, MA
  • Cold Spring School, New Haven, CT
  • Foote School, New Haven, CT
  • Francis Parker Charter School, Devin, MA
  • Maple Street School, Manchester, VT
  • Mooreland Hill School, Berlin, CT
  • New Caanan Country School, New Caanan, CT
  • Renbrook School, West Hartford, CT
  • Rippowam-Cisqua School, Bedford, NY
  • Saint Thomas Day School, New Haven, CT
  • Stanwich School, Greenwich, CT
  • The Master's School, Simsbury, CT
  • The Village School, North Bennington, VT
  • Tower School, Marblehead, MA
  • Waterside School, Greenwich, CT
  • Wightwood School, Branford, CT

Organizations & Businesses

  • AISNE, Boston, MA
  • Camp Dudley, Westport, NY
  • Children's Glaucoma Foundation, Boston, MA
  • Educational Directions, Newton, MA
  • Independent Thinking, Portsmouth, RI
  • Open House Nursery School, Brooklyn, NY
"CORESystems has revolutionized the way our school operates. Teachers, administrators and staff have all benefited from the care and personal attention that has gone into our customized system."
Tom Gromak, Database Administrator, Watkinson School


Descriptions and Feedback

  • Online Re-Enrollment System
    Greenwich Academy
    We built a database and website which integrates with the school's FinalSite website. Parents of returning students enroll their child(ren) for the upcoming academic year. Features include multiple contracts, individualized financial assistance amounts, payment processing.

    "When I was told we needed to have an online re-enrollment process I did not hesitate to ask CORESystems to develop it. We asked for online student contracts that leveraged FinalSite authentication and submitted to our Filemaker Pro database system. The system had to dynamically reflect contract status and collect e-check payments. In addition, it had to account for various family relations and multiple versions of contracts. As a long-time client, it was no surprise that the product Core delivered was able to provide accurate contracts, seamless delivery, and an attractive and intuitive user experience for our parents."
    — Katherine Schulze, Director of Technology

  • Systems Data Transfer Middleware
    Avenues, The World School
    We built an automated tool which migrates data from a Work Force Admissions module to a Tableau reporting tool.

    "I have been a CORESystems client since 2001. They are, without a doubt, one of the service providers that I value most highly. Their solutions are elegant, intuitive, easy to maintain, and their time to market is faster than any other vendor I have worked with. CORESystems deliverables perform as expected and meet specifications every time. On more than one occasion, when my other service providers are flummoxed, CORESystems has saved the day with innovative approaches to problems that have left others unsure how to proceed. When faced with a challenging data integration task that no one on the team has attempted before, CORESystems is my go-to as well. They are 100% reliable and I know that if I need assistance urgently, they will do everything possible to answer critical questions or resolve problems promptly. CORESystems is not merely a service provider to me, they are a value-added partner."
    — Dirk DeLo, Chief Technology Officer

  • Online Parent Conferences
    Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School
    We built a custom, Filemaker web and reporting module to allow parents to register for conferences online.

    "The scheduling of parent-teacher conferences has long been a problem for us. Balancing the unique nature of our different academic devisions, the parent's schedules, fairness and efficiently has been a challenge no "off the shelf" systems to has been able to meet. Core Systems developed for us a completely customized and flexible parent-teacher conference scheduling system that allows parents to self register from a computer or smart phone in a completely fair and simple way. It provides them with automated reminders and us with useful reports. We could not have asked for anything more. "
    — Adam Gerson, Director of Technology

  • Whole-School Database System (Development Office)
    Branson School
    We built a comprehensive all-school system which united data in Admissions, Current Students, Development and Summer Offices, and which includes an Online Application and a Parents Portal.

    "For the last seven years, Branson’s advancement team has utilized CORESystems to build what is now a multi-layered database that tracks gifts, pledges and donor information seamlessly. The CORE development team created several reporting features, which include our ‘favorite’, a two-year annual giving report that was incredibly time-consuming and challenging! They are always incredibly responsive, especially during crunch times should any items need modification. Last year, databases for our admission and academic departments, as well as our summer school program were streamlined; our campus systems are now one. We are beyond grateful for their time and talent that has helped our school function so efficiently and our advancement team look good!"
    — Susan Brennan, Director of the Annual Fund

  • School Directory
    Casady School
    We built a School Directory module which incorporates Blackbaud data.

    "We have been having challenges every year with our printed school directory. The CORE Systems crew created an automated system using our database information to generate our directory. Going into this project, we were resigned that an automatic system would not be able to give use everything we wanted. Wrong. They were able to accommodate all the little details in our directory that we have grown accustomed to throughout the years. Literally with the push of a button, a directory is generated that is emailed to our printer. Thank you CORESystems for providing us with a mechanism to use our time more efficiently while producing a quality publication."
    — Jim Bonfiglio, Director of Operations

  • Online Report Cards Database, Website, Archive
    Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School
    We designed a report cards database built with Filemaker to store Blackbaud data which is refreshed periodically through an ODBC connection. The database also stores students, courses, and teachers attributes. We built a website with a series of user-specific pages for database access by teacher, administrators and parents. Teachers can efficiently enter their reports. Proofreaders have the ability to search for, edit and annotate individual reports. Proofreader notes are automatically emailed to teachers for quick and streamlined communication. The system emails parents with custom links when report cards are published. Parents may view a current report card or reports across the years.

    "This system has made our report card dreams come true. It was completely customized for our specific needs and workflow. Its integration with Blackbaud means no more manually importing csv files to keep data in sync. CORESystems expertise, personal attention and support is unmatched!"
    — Adam Gerson, Director of Technology

  • Data Bridge System
    Greenwich Academy
    We built a database which extractrs data from Raiser's Edge, Whipple Hill, and a Filemaker system, and which performs comparisons of data and automatically delivers discrepancy reports each evening.

    "The module, designed and implemented by CORESystems, was a huge breakthrough for us that we had needed for many years. The new system coordinates the ability to have a data-dump from multiple sources and merge them into one database - from which we can compare fields based on stored mappings. It also performs a nightly refresh of data and emails a report about it. The automatic nightly report is functionality the school did not have before and it is invaluable in trying to keep two non-talking databases in sync."
    — Katherine Schulze, Director of Technology

  • Auxiliary Programs Database and Website
    Brookwood School
    We built a database and website to manage a complicated after-school program enrollment system. The database makes use of data from existing Filemaker system which ensured the integrity of the historical data and made the project more cost-effective for the school. The office staff has a direct interface to the new system for generating rosters, recording attendance, generating billing lists, communicating with instructors and communicating with the parent community. Parents use the website to enroll their children in after-school program and after-care offerings on both a consistent and drop-in basis.

    "The new system allows us to keep our flexible care offerings to parents, while not exhausting staff resources in updating lists and records. The office can quickly download accurate lists and records that are easy to share with the parent community. The new system is linked to our admissions' database allowing me ready access to student/family information. It is so valuable that the database is built to grow with our programming. The new system is absolutely amazing and there is no going back. The ongoing support is superb."
    — Nicole Lehrer, Director of Auxiliary Programming

  • Conduct & Citizenship Module
    Rippowam Cisqua School
    We built a Filemaker file to draw data from an existing all-school database — Teachers use a neat Tool feature to select Students, Behavior Types, and to enter note for Advisors and parents, who are notified by email. It also includes totals reports by grade, advisor, team color, etc.

    "CORESystems helped us develop a system that handles our very complex rotating block schedule, two campuses, 3-4 bus systems and different grade reports for almost every grade. They listened to our needs and the solution they created has been a godsend. Where before we had a home grown FileMaker database that over the years was cobbled together to deal with code of conduct infractions and rewards, we now have a streamlined system with an elegant user interface and which requires little or not maintenance."
    — Michael Beesley, Director of Technology

  • Custom Academic Reports Modules
    Greenwich Country Day School
    We built a collection of three Filemaker files which are refreshed nightly via ODBC and contain an Enroller Tool for managing class rosters, a teacher interface with highly customized, class-specific layouts, and tools for proofreaders which make reviewing, printing, and PDF'ing simple and efficient.

    "Totally Awesome! is how I describe the three report card modules CORESytems built for us. In particular, the Enroller module cuts my time in half when creating and editing teacher and student schedules for the reports system. Also, the ODBC-driven reloading of Education Edge data has worked flawlessly for years. I can't think of anything better."
    — Doug Melillo, IT Support & System Operator

"CORESystems' solutions are designed to maximize our productivity while minimizing errors when used by multiple users of varying abilities. Their designs also allow for easy updates and expansion as programs grow in reach and capability."
Sunil Gupta, Director of Technology, Brunswick School



CORESystems understands complex educational communities.

Founded by an independent school teacher and administrator of 14 years, CORESystems gives teachers and parents ways to more efficiently record and communicate about student progress so that the better majority of their time was working directly with the student themselves.

CORESystems quickly evolved to include all facets of school administration, including financial tracking, alumnae services, development, afterschool programs and summer camps.

The CORESystems team challenges itself to build better, more streamlined, more efficient systems with the highest customer satisfaction.

Their enthusiasm has resulted in data systems that are extremely personalized and have unparalleled support. As a customer of 13 years wrote, "You transformed my work environment! Your superb customization and highly personalized service continues to set CORESystems apart."

"You guys rock!"
Christine LaRegina, Registrar, Rippowam Cisqua School